If you’re trying to unlock hidden potential, then Zenobia is the coach for you! Every session together she has shown me how to push myself harder than I was able to alone. The constant focus and encouragement she gives during every set shows her dedication to seeing me reach my goals. I’ve always dreamt of competing and now I have the guidance to do it.

Jessiva Eve

I’ve trained with several trainers and Zenobia is a favorite! She delivers personalized and dynamic training sessions targeting specific muscles to help me achieve my fitness goals. Each session is always a new challenge and I feel stronger after each one! Zenobia is extremely experienced, motivating, and a pleasure to train with!

Alyssa Pompeo 


This August will be one year with coach Zenobia. My first show with her was in November 2018. My second pro show and I placed in the top 5. Coach Z keeps the diet and training fresh. The training is a challenge but produces great results.
She is also very attentive. She checks in with me and not only does physical check ins but asks about me mentally. She continues to tweak my physique and the next show in June of 2019, the judges noticed I came in more conditioned, tighter and with a great figure X frame.
I can’t wait to see what we put on the stage next. She doesn’t disappoint!!

Eka Ukaobasi (Natural Figure Athlete OCB Pro)


I had the privilege to work with Zenobia Graham at a midtown manhattan gym. I was impressed with her knowledge not only of body mechanics but of the multiple ways to achieve my goals. I was very specific about my goals and expectations. I admit I was a challenge. What came to pass was all my numbers moved steadily the correct directions. My cholesterol, weight, body fat percent went down. My muscle mass went up and I began to see definition. My goals were not to “look cute”, be “skinny” or to become a body builder but to NOT drop dead of a heart attack like other members of my family. She understood that and my physical limitations. She also pushed me and challenged me. I also felt stronger both physically and mentally after a session with her. Zenobia doesn’t just understand training and changing one’s body shape and composition she gets people. I struggled mightily with the mental challenges of making these lifestyle changes.She was instrumental in helping me with the very rough plateaus and back slides. She was kinder to me than I was to myself.

Teri Pruit

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